Public Education Department Offers Quick, Easy Way To Check On Reentry Status Of State’s Public Schools


PED adds quick data access to website

The New Mexico Public Education Department is offering families a quick, easy way to check on the reentry status of any of the state’s public schools amid the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is my school in remote learning mode? Are small groups allowed? Have we moved into hybrid mode? Those questions can be answered at this new data portal on the home page of PED’s website:

The data is organized alphabetically by school district. Every school within a district is listed as “remote,” “small groups,” “hybrid” or “full.”

●       “Remote” means schools are operating only through distance-learning. Students and staff are not expected to come into the building (unless staff is performing an essential, in-person duty).

●       “Small Groups” means a school is mostly in remote but bringing in either K-3rd graders or special education students of all ages for small-group instruction, adhering to a 5:1 student-to-staff ratio and maintaining social distancing.

●       “Hybrid” indicates a school is operating at 50 percent capacity by alternating student cohorts between studying remotely and coming to school for in-person learning. Families that select online-only options may continue their child’s distance learning during the hybrid stance.

●       “Full” indicates a school is in a low enrollment “micro-district” that has been approved to transition to in-person learning by maintaining small-group ratios and social distancing.

 A separate column lists the county where the school is located and is color-coded from red to green to indicate that county’s status on the New Mexico Department of Health’s map showing COVID-19 spread.  

The data will be updated regularly as school boards and other local governing bodies make decisions about their reentry status, or in the event that a school already in hybrid must move back to remote or small groups because of virus spread.

“The 2020 school year opened with a patchwork of education options, and parents, families and communities are understandably hungry for information about the status of their children’s schools,” said Katherine Avery, interim director of strategic outreach at the PED. “Obviously, the Public Education Department has never collected this kind of data before but now that we’ve got it, we want to share it in the easiest format possible,” Avery said.