Agriculture Industry Is Second Most Favorable In New Mexico According To Perception Survey

A perception study conducted by The Garrity Group gave farming and ranching a 77 percent approval rating. Courtesy photo


The farming and ranching industry was found to be the second-most favorable industry in the state of New Mexico, according to a recent survey conducted by The Garrity Group Public Relations firm. The farming and ranching industry received a 77% approval rating from a pool of 408 adult New Mexican residents. The only industry that rated higher was the small business industry, receiving a 79% approval rating. The survey included ratings for 17 separate industries in the state of New Mexico.

The New Mexico farming and ranching industry has increased in favorability with residents in the last decade. In 2011, the favorability rating of the industry was 72%. In the last two years alone, the industry’s approval rating has increased by 3%, improving from 74% in 2018.

New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture Jeff Witte said he is proud of New Mexico farmers and ranchers. 

“Nearly 95% of all farms and ranches in New Mexico are family operations that have a long heritage of growing safe food, community involvement and respecting the environment,” said Witte. “I am grateful the public recognizes their commitment and holds them in high regard. We produce the entire plate in New Mexico, and I encourage everyone to enjoy the local bounty and ‘Taste the Tradition!’”

The Garrity Perception Survey is an annual resource with the purpose of analyzing the trust and favorability of New Mexican industries. The 2020 Garrity Perception Survey is a scientific survey of New Mexico residents with a 95% level of confidence. Since 2011, The Garrity Group has commissioned Albuquerque’s Research and Polling to conduct the survey of New Mexico residents. 

“The farm and ranch industry is a vital part of New Mexico and is one reason it is included in all research since the Garrity Perception Survey first started in 2011,” said Tom Garrity, president of The Garrity Group Public Relations in Albuquerque. “Over the past 10 years, the farm and ranch industry has increased favorability statewide (up 5%), among women (up 7%) and residents who are 65 years and older (up 9%). These types of increases only happen because there is a greater awareness and understanding of how agriculture benefits all aspects of our state.”

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