Think Outside The Box When It Comes Time To Vote

Dear Editor,

The two-party system has a stranglehold on politics in the United States, both nationally and locally. Realistically, voters have only an either/or choice between Republican and Democrat candidates. Each party offers a limited slate of established, defining ideas. And as we have seen, parties are willing to abandon their principles as quick as you can say “Mitch McConnell” if it means holding onto political power.

I invite Los Alamos voters before choosing either/or or to give full consideration to the candidates for County Council who stand outside of the traditional boxes. James Rickman, Libertarian, and Aaron Walker, Independent, are both candidates whose perspectives and experiences expand the ideas and values brought into this campaign, and could also expand Council deliberations and lead to better-informed decisions.

Please listen to what these two non-traditional candidates have to offer and be willing to think outside the box when it comes time to vote. We can all benefit when fresh ideas and voices are brought into our local government.

Thank you.
John R. Gustafson
Los Alamos