I’m Voting For Denise Derkacs


I’m voting for Denise Derkacs and I urge your readers to do likewise!  I’ve known Denise for over 30 years and I was pleased to see that she volunteered to run for the County Council.

I am impressed by the way Denise listens to input from the public.  She learns about issues facing our county; she has been attending County Council meetings for two years and is a member of the Community Development Advisory Board. Denise’s hard-working spirit has prepared her for the position!

Denise is understanding and cares about the citizens of Los Alamos. She is excellent at communicating her thoughts with logic and clarity. I like the tactful way Denise interacts with the public, county staff, and fellow board members. She is a woman of integrity!

Denise will work on three overarching issues facing Los Alamos County in the immediate future:

  • additional housing especially for low- and middle-income households,
  • commercial sustainability that enables small business to thrive, and
  • community services that support growth and preserve our quality of life.

Please join me is supporting Denise Derkacs for County Council!

Morrie Pongratz
Former County Councilor