LA Cares In Immediate Need Of Storage

LA Cares

LA Cares, the local food pantry, is in immediate need of storage space. We were given notice to vacate one of two storage spaces we have in Los Alamos by Oct. 11.

LA Cares is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 that serves an average of 80 Los Alamos families every month with canned food items and fresh produce, as well as making available once-in-a-year rent and utility assistance to residents of Los Alamos County. We are entirely staffed by volunteers and over 93 percent of our budget goes directly to families in need.

We are appealing to the public to help us find another space in which we can store large items such as bulk paper goods, cases of canned goods, cardboard boxes and flats, and other large items. We would need approximately 1,000 square feet on ground level with truck access. We get deliveries of food on pallets from the Santa Fe Food Depot. We are trying to find at least temporary storage at this time, however, we need to find a more permanent solution to our dilemma.

If you have a storage space that we could rent at a low rate or that you are willing to let us use free of charge (with a donation receipt for tax purposes), we are interested in hearing from you. Please
contact LA Cares at or leave a message at (505) 661-8015 as soon as possible.