LAPS: Liaisons Provide Voice For Students On School Board


Three new student liaisons were selected by the LAPS School Board during their meeting last week. Juniors Elizabeth Booton, Nina Johnson and DeJahn Tafoya join seniors Logan Black, Shena Han and Audrey Nolen for the 2020-2021 school year.

School board student liaisons serve in an advisory capacity on the board. They attend the monthly school board meetings as representatives of the opinions and issues of the students. Student liaisons are encouraged to share their opinions to help inform the School Board discussion and decisions.

“We encourage participation by students in policies and planning for our schools,” said School Board President Ellen Ben-Naim. “Our student liaisons bring another perspective to the issues that are brought to the board.”

All three new student liaisons said that they are proud to be chosen this year for this opportunity.

“I think that having student representatives is a great idea,” said Booton. “I hope that by sharing a student’s perspective on the issues and challenges the school system will be facing this year will help to make this year as beneficial and, if nothing else, as tolerable as possible.”

Johnson added, “The importance of being involved with my community has become clear to me during this pandemic. I am excited to learn about the process of making big decisions in the Los Alamos Public Schools system.”

Starting her second year as a student representative on the board, Nolen commented that being a
student liaison has been an amazing experience. “I really feel that I’m involved in the decision-making process in the community,” she said. “The board members are always willing to hear our questions and inputs.” She added, “This position has given me so many opportunities and this year will hopefully be similar. I’m excited to work alongside the new liaisons as we figure out this new year. It’ll definitely be hard to work with the school board online, but I think that having a voice is more important this year than ever”. Li