If You Care As Much As I Do, Cast Your Vote For Rep. Christine Chandler


I urge you to vote to re-elect Christine Chandler to the state House of Representatives on November 3. She is running for her second two-year term. 

Many of us in Los Alamos and White Rock know Christine from her many years of public service to our county.  However, Christine not only represents Los Alamos County, she also represents many of our neighbors living in parts of Santa Fe, Sandoval and Rio Arriba counties. A map of District 43 shows it to be one of the largest and most oddly shaped in the state. It takes about three hours to drive from its most northern point (El Vado Lake State Park) to its most southern point (Peña Blanca). During her first term in office Christine has traveled to the towns (Cuba), villages (Jemez Springs) and numerous small communites scattered throughout the district. She has met with the the people and learned their needs and their concerns, which differ greatly from ours here in Los Alamos. I know because I have traveled with her to some of these communities and watched as she interacted with her constituents.

Los Alamos County covers only 5% of the area of District 43 but it represent 66% of its population. To represent the other 34% of the district’s population, Christine travels the large area and works to represent them as well as she represents those of us in Los Alamos County.

If you care as much as I do, not only for the welfare of Los Alamos County but also for the the good of our friends and neighbors in District 43 and the entire state, please return Representive Christine Chandler to office by casting your vote for her in the upcoming general election.

Joyce Nickols
Los Alamos