It’s All About The Kids…Yours, Ours And Generations To Come

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Los Alamos

It’s all about the kids…yours, ours and generations to come!

We’ve lived in Los Alamos for 47 years. Both of our children graduated from Los Alamos Public Schools. We and they owe a lot to the schools and it’s essential that we repay the schools by supporting them during these “unprecedented” times. One way that we can pay it forward is through supporting the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation.

Since it was formed in 2005, the Foundation, through the community, has contributed well over a million dollars to the students, teachers and schools by supporting staff professional development, classroom grants, classroom makeovers, professional book clubs, scholarships and many unique and creative projects.

We recognize that our excellent school system is an asset for our community.  Excellence is expensive and New Mexico does not allow districts to tax themselves to cover operational costs such as teacher salaries. The foundation was organized to provide a vehicle for the community to support the best possible education for all the kids in our schools. We have only YOUR money to make this happen.

We have seen many school changes over the past 15 years but are well aware that the next few years will demand even more creativity, energy, flexibility and commitment. We need you to go to our website ( to donate or donate through the Lab’s Employee Giving Campaign (where we will benefit from their matching program).

Thank you.