Kaley Miller And Justin Peña Selected For 2020 Irene Boone Memorial Scholarship

Justin Pena (1)

Justin Peña/Courtesy photo

Kaley Muller

Kaley Miller/Courtesy photo


The Los Alamos Public Schools (LAPS) and the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation have announced that Kaley Muller and Justin Peña are the winners of the 2020 Irene Boone Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to students pursuing a two or four-year degree at a college, university or technical-vocational program. It is made possible through the generosity of long-time resident and pediatrician, Dr. Irene Boone and her husband, Zanas “Slim” Boone.

Kaley Muller is the daughter of Amanda Leibee. She will attend New Mexico Highlands University in the fall where she will major in social work.

Justin Peña is the son of Laurence and Melanie Pena. He will attend Western Washington University and major in history/pre-law.

LAPS and the LAPS Foundation wish to extend their congratulations and best wishes to these two promising students.

The Irene Boone Memorial Scholarship is administered by the Los Alamos Public Schools and the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation. LAPS Foundation is an independent organization that supports, challenges, and invests in a successful future for all Los Alamos public school students.