Chandler: Democracy In Action


NM Representative, HD 43

In this time of unrest and struggle for social and racial justice, I write to express great pride in my friends and neighbors in Los Alamos who have stood out as beacons of civic responsibility and champions for democratic principles. The leadership of our young people in our responses to these problems is especially gratifying.

Election day was marked by an unprecedented primary turn-out that showed once again that we know to our core that elections matter – we can and do make a difference.  It was a delight to talk to new  voters who took great pride in participating in their first election.  They are mobilized to make their mark in November, and all of us must follow their example.

Despite the challenges of social distancing and record numbers of absentee ballots, our Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office ran a smooth and efficient election process that respected everyone’s right to  vote.  This reflects strong leadership by our Clerk, Naomi Maestas, and her highly competent staff and volunteers.  Thanks to you all for showing how it’s done!

I, like so many of you, was heartbroken to witness the horrific killing of yet another unarmed black man by police. I know that we are better than this and I am heartened by the peaceful protests that have been organized by our youth in the community and supported by so many parents and grandparents, and teachers and police officers, and the apparent widespread determination to end this blight on our nation once and for all.  Respectful, honest dialogue is critical and we are seeing it first-hand, on the ground, here in Los Alamos.  

The hard work of reform is ahead of us. True reform is needed that favors accountability over complacency, and systemic, structural change over sound bites and platitudes.  I am committed to do the reform that we have avoided for too long.

Be well and be safe.