Public Defenders March In Nationwide Protest To Confront Systemic Racism

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Public defenders in New Mexico will be joining in a coordinated, nationwide public defender march confronting systemic racism, inequity and police violence on Monday, June 8, in locations across the state. The nationwide protest has been organized by Public Defenders for Racial Justice and spearheaded by the Contra Costa, Calif. Public Defenders. 

As public defenders, we fight against injustice every day and are recommitted to the changes that can come from the growing awareness of the racial inequity our clients face. Black lives matter. The lives of people of color matter. In New Mexico, about 2 percent of residents are black, yet black people are incarcerated at a rate 6.4 times that of whites. They receive longer sentences than those of other races for the same charge. Hispanics, about 49 percent of New Mexicans, are incarcerated at a rate higher than the national average and double that of whites, who make up about 37 percent of the population. Incarceration data for Native Americans in the state is difficult to even find. Everyday we look around courtrooms and see these inequities reflected. LOPD employees and private public defenders who choose to march on Monday are joining their voices in the demand for confronting this systemic racism and inequity. 

WHAT: Solidarity marches for criminal justice reform and an end to systemic racism 

WHEN: Monday, June 8, see times below 

WHERE: Albuquerque – Leaving LOPD main office at 505 Marquette 12:45 p.m. walking past the 2nd District Attorney’s Office on the way to Metro Court at 4th and Lomas for 1 p.m. arrive. Remarks, including a direct call to action for 2nd District Attorney Raúl Torrez

Roswell – 12 p.m. gathering in front of the Chavez County Courthouse at 400 N. Virginia. 

Santa Fe – 12:40 p.m. departure from LOPD office at 301 N Guadalupe St., marching to the west side of the Capitol Building by the steps at 1 p.m.

Aztec – 1 p.m. gather at District Court in Aztec at 103 S. Olive and march to the Aztec police station at 201 W. Chaco St. 

Las Cruces – 12 p.m. gather at 12 p.m at 506 South Main and march to District Court. 

LOPD can be found at; media contact Maggie Shepard is available at (505) 690-4529,