New Mexico Gas Company To Purge Natural Gas For Noon On East ROad



New Mexico Gas Company (NMGC) has informed the Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities that it will purge a natural gas line, weather permitting, today on East Road across from Camino Entrada near the water tank.  Work will begin at 12 noon and continue until 1 p.m.

NMGC is purging the line on East Road as a routine maintenance check of its border station.  “Purging” is the act of releasing natural gas from an existing section of pipeline and will be done in accordance with federal regulatory requirements.

As part of the purging, customers near the area may smell natural gas and hear a loud noise associated with the controlled release of gas through the pipe.  Vehicles may be interrupted on East Road for a short period of time while the purging is taking place in order to eliminate any potential ignition sources.  The procedure is safe and NMGC will be on site to monitor the situation.   Questions can be directed to the NMGC at (888) 664-2726.