‘Hung Like A Seahorse’ Kicks Off Los Alamos Pride Week 2020 Monday June 8



Hung Like a Seahorse kicks off Los Alamos Pride Week 2020 on Monday June 8 at 7 p.m. MDT.  This event is sponsored by Friends of Los Alamos Pride and Prism, Los Alamos National Laboratory’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group.
The show is written and performed by Quinn Alexander Fontaine directed by Susan Mele who also provides voiceovers.
Based on his true life story of being born in the wrong body, writer/performer Quinn Alexander Fontaine’s insightful, heartwarming, hilarious show is a celebration of healing. Healing the little boy inside who couldn’t wear the clothes he wanted to because he was born a girl. Being a prisoner in his own body for decades. Sneaking clever ways to feed his soul like the rolled up sock in “tighty whities” worn under girl’s clothes. Healing the trauma of denying his authentic self and then healing through the transition to becoming the man he can finally be as an adult.
“It’s never too late to be your authentic self.  Everyone needs to follow their true path in life. What makes it challenging is when you’re expected to conform to cultural expectations,” says Fontaine. Fontaine’s show is a shining example of overcoming cultural norms, childhood sexual abuse, multiple addictions and living his truth as a man every single day of his life. Filled with laughter and touching realizations, the show reveals the layers of his ultimate transformation.
“Quinn’s journey is the epitome of authenticity. May all who experience his work be encouraged, emboldened and emancipated from bondage into the freedom of their Essential Self,” said Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning.
Audiences have commended and celebrated Fontaine’s bold fearlessness. “I have known and respected Quinn Fontaine for some time now and have been incredibly moved and impressed by his raw honesty, his humor and courage, both as a writer and as a performer. I have learned a tremendous amount from him and recommend highly that we all attend his performances to understand and honor the journey that he and so many are undertaking,” adds actress, model and animal activist Ali MacGraw.
This event is free and will be live-streamed followed by a Q+A. Livestream information will be provided closer to the event date. The event is on Facebook at: