Send Congratulations To LAHS Seniors With Community Graduation Card

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Would you like to thank a Topper Senior for being a great neighbor or send your Los Alamos High School Class of 2020 babysitter a message of support?

All community members are invited to send virtual well wishes to our Topper Seniors during the month of May using this google form. We are calling this the LAHS “Community Graduation Card.”

Follow this link to participate:

1) Scroll through the alphabetical list of LAHS Seniors.
2) Underneath the names of the Seniors you know, write a positive message.
3) Please include your name in your message to each senior.
4) Once you have completed your well wishes for the seniors you know, hit “SUBMIT”
5) You will receive a message confirming your submission.
**You can complete the google form multiple times.

Messages will be previewed by LAHS Administration, separated by each Senior, and then emailed directly with those individual Seniors and their families the week of May 25.

Your well wishes must be received by Friday, May 22.

This is a safe and easy way to reach out during the pandemic.

Whether you are an LAPS Staff member, family friend, neighbor, LAHS student, employer, former coach, religious leader, or former teacher, if you know a Topper Senior, send them a message today!
*Everyone is welcome to participate