Aspen Elementary School Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

May 1 was National School Principal Day. Michele Altherr, Aspen Elementary School Principal is pictured during a recent event at the school where she allowed students to tape her to the wall. Photo by Maire O’Neill/
Aspen School PTO
May 4th began our week of Teacher Appreciation! Even more so this year, it takes a community to teach a child and we will be celebrating some of those people this week. On Facebook, we will post a group of people strongly involved in the teaching of our children and a way we ask you to help us celebrate them.  We’ve included all the days for you below.

Monday was Classroom Teacher Appreciation Day!  Our amazing Aspen teachers are fighting all the evil forces of COVID-19 to continue the education of our children. We all know (more first hand than normal!) what superpowers this takes!
Please find minute to thank you child’s classroom teacher! You could send a quick email, ask your child you draw a picture of their teacher, capture a picture of your child learning (whether at your dinner table, on their bed, or outside!), and thank a teacher for doing the incredible job of educating our kids.
You can post on our daily Facebook page – we will be sharing comments with all the Aspen staff throughout the week!

Tuesday – Investing in our special interests, that’s just what you do! Mr Lloyd, Mr. Guider, Ms. Williams, and Mr. Lucero we love and appreciate YOU!
Today we celebrate and thank our 4 amazing Specials teachers! Send them a note or picture, or post here, showing them something SPECIAL you’ve done in this time at home.

Wednesday – School Nurses heal the world one booboo at a time. How lucky are we to have the very best! We are so thankful for you Nurse Amy!
Today is National Nurses’ Day!  Write a note about or take a picture of something you’ve done the last two months to HEAL someone and sent it to or post here to thank Nurse Amy for all she does for us!

Thursday – For all the extra support you give, for all that you do. For all the time you invest, Resource staff and IAs we couldn’t do it without YOU!
Write a note or send us a picture of support you’ve provided someone during this time distancing.

Friday you will have to check out our Facebook page “Aspen Elementary PTO” for a special note and video!
In case you missed it, May 1 was National School Principal Day!  Send Mrs. Altherr a note or picture of some fun you’ve been having outside during this time apart.