Chairs Of Los Alamos County Libertarian And Democratic Parties: Check Your Voter Registration

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Libertarian Party of Los Alamos County


Democratic Party of Los Alamos County

Did you know that people registered as Independent, Decline to State, or with a minor party cannot vote in the Primary election?  By New Mexico law, only people registered with a major political party (Democrat, Libertarian, Republican) by May 5, 2020 will be able to participate in the election on June 2.

There are important races for US Congress, statewide offices, and local positions on the ballot, and we believe it is important for all voters to have their voices heard.

We are writing together to encourage residents of Los Alamos County to register with a major political party before May 5, 2020 so you can vote in the Primary.

Checking your registration and updating your party affiliation is easy: just go to or contact the Los Alamos County Clerk at or 662-8010.