Local Star Wars Collector Sponsors Writing And Art Contest

95347021_2497572270343973_1939382754407874560_oSome of the Star Wars prizes being offered by Michael Smith. Courtesy photo


Monday is May 4 – may the fourth be with you – and in honor of that and to cure local kids of boredom during lockdown, Michael Smith is ready to give away his entire Star Wars toy collection in a combined writing and art contest.

“I’ve had these for a while and they’re just gathering dust so I thought this might be fun for all of us,” Smith said.

Details on how to enter are as follows:

Children under 15 may enter (or autistic/mentally challenged people of any age). You will need to write for me a short story set in the Star Wars universe, 5 pages maximum, 2 pages minimum. OR you can draw a picture (or color one in if you’re really little). Then have Mom or Dad message me on Facebook with either the story or a good picture of your artwork by 5 p.m. Monday, May 4.  Be sure to include your age. I’ll pick the winners based on the quality of the work and the age of the submitter. If your child has disabilities let me know and I’ll factor that in. I will notify winners via Facebook Messenger within a few days and we’ll arrange contact-free pickup in Los Alamos.”

For prizes, Smith said he has 60 small Hot Wheels ships which he will award in bags of 3 (so 20 prizes). He also has two larger ones he will award as one prize. He has two light sabers, unopened Chewbacca and Vader which will each be a prize as well as a C3PO necklace.

All prizes will be wiped down and placed in new ziploc bags and Smith said he will wear a mask and gloves while handling them. 

May the Force be with you!