LAPD Criminal Investigations Section Charges Five Local Juveniles In Six Recent Burglary Cases



The Los Alamos Police Department is announcing that six additional burglaries were solved today  as a result from work done by our Criminal Investigations Section.  Five juveniles will have charges forwarded to the Office of Juvenile Probation and Parole in connection with these crimes that occurred in early April in White Rock.

Also, an additional larceny case in White Rock that was reported later was solved and was related to the five juvenile suspects. Some of the stolen property associated with these cases has been returned to the victims.  

Seven of the 15 burglaries that occurred in early April have now been solved and the Los Alamos Police Department will continue to work to solve all criminal activity in Los Alamos.

The Los Alamos Police Department is continuing to follow up on leads related to the other recent burglaries and wants to remind the Public to be vigilant in contacting us on suspicious activity and visiting our link of recent surveillance footage; 

The commercial burglaries which occurred on March 28 have a reward of over $2,000 for any information that may lead to apprehension of the suspect(s) involved. Reporting individuals may call L.A. Crime-Stoppers at (505) 662-8282.