May Is ‘Celebrate Our Seniors Month’ At Los Alamos Public Schools


Los Alamos Public Schools Superintendent

Dear LAPS Parents, Staff, and Families,

It’s official! May 2020 is Celebrate our Seniors Month.  Students spoke and we listened. Hilltoppers who are about to graduate and Los Alamos High School staff have come up with some very creative ideas.  COVID-19 has revealed even deeper care from staff for our Topper students.

Below is a signed Resolution from the Los Alamos School Board and County Council.  School Board President Ellen Ben-Naim said to Seniors: “Our plan is to make your final 30 days as a Topper memorable for you and your whole family.”  LAHS Class of 2020 Proclamation

The Senior celebrations are going to be safe, unique and extra special.  The class of 2020 will be establishing new Topper traditions.  They will be making their mark in the history books of Los Alamos High School.

To “kick off” the Celebrate Our Topper Seniors month, Los Alamos High School, along with other schools around the country, will participate in ‘Be the Light’ to honor the class of 2020. On Friday, May 1 at 8:20 pm (20:20 military time), the community is invited to show support for our seniors and have a moment of community solidarity.  LAHS will light Sullivan Field and we are asking the community to turn on their porch lights, house lights, flashlights, and outdoor lights at 8:20 pm. The lights will be a beacon to show that we are thinking of our youth and that we eventually will come back together again.

Green and gold signs are being placed in the yard of every Senior, including student homes in neighboring communities.  Thank you Kiwanis, the LAPS Foundation and secret transport people. During the month of May, Senior families are invited to continue to celebrate their senior by decorating their front doors and windows in honor of their graduates!

Many other activities will be announced throughout the month.

With safety first, all activities and events will strictly follow physical distancing guidelines, recommendations from the CDC, and requirements in the New Mexico Governor’s Health Emergency Orders.  There is humility in what we are learning from scientists and research.

Along with the entire community, I encourage you to participate!!


WHEREAS: Members of the Senior Class of 2020 have proven to be courageous, resilient and resourceful; and

WHEREAS: Topper Seniors are facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19; and

WHEREAS: Students and families come first in celebrating the very special achievement of high school graduation; and

WHEREAS: The Los Alamos School Board and County Council invite Topper seniors to participate in a series of recognition activities in May 2020 including a parade where Seniors will wear their caps and gowns; and

WHEREAS: Family and friends are invited to join with the School Board and County Council to honor and appreciate the Class of 2020 and support them beyond graduation in meeting their lifetime goals; and

WHEREAS: Community members throughout northern New Mexico are invited to support this month-long celebration of high school seniors; and

WHEREAS: The Los Alamos Public Schools and Los Alamos County staff will work with members of the Senior Class to promote Senior Recognition Month via lnstagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other media outlets; and

WHEREAS: On May 1, 2020, the School Board and County Council invite everyone to “kick-off’ Celebrating our Seniors Month by participating in the national “Be the Light” Campaign;

NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the School Board and County Council of the Incorporated County of Los Alamos, we do hereby proclaim the month of May as:

“Celebrating our Seniors Month”

We urge our students and staff to come together in celebration, as we focus on building a stronger, united district for everyone to enjoy.

DATED this 21st day of April, 2020.

Ellen Ben-Naim, President Los Alamos Public School Board

Sara Scott, Chair Los Alamos County Council