Thank You To Employees At Local Stores And Restaurants

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Thank you to the employees at our local stores and restaurants who are keeping everyone in good humor and providing wonderful service.  They are keeping everyone grounded and neighborly, and they deserve far more than just a thank you.
My own personal experiences this past week have been at
  • White Rock Metzgers
  • White Rock Smith’s
  • Los Alamos Coop
  • Del Norte Credit Union
  • Yuan’s Dumpling and Noodle House
  • Sprouts in DeVargas Mall
  • Walmart (Cerrillos north)
  • Summit Electric Supply
  • Bumble Bee’s
  • La Cocina and Home Depot

I know that it is the same wherever we go in Northern New Mexico, and, after a week that could have been horribly stressful, I am instead inspired follow their good example.  They are being good neighbors to us all.

Ellen Walton