Taos Town Councilor Darien Fernandez To Speak At Monday’s Voices Of Los Alamos

78590867_10220526894379919_7537722249348907008_n.jpgTaos City Councilor Darien Fernandez is the guest speaker at Monday evening’s Voices of Los Alamos. Courtesy photo


The next meeting of Voices of Los Alamos is from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 2 , at the Unitarian Church, 1738 N Sage Loop. Meetings are open to all — find us on Facebook for more information.

The guest speaker for this special holiday edition meeting is Taos City Councilor Darien Fernandez. He will present on the intersectionality of climate change, demographic change, and land use in northern New Mexico, and what it means for agriculture and the regional economy, from a policy-maker’s perspective. Fernandez will discuss proposed policy changes at the local, state, and federal level, that would help us protect open space and the multicultural values of our region.

Born and raised in Taos, Fernandez is a first-term town councilor and current chair of the Taos County Democratic Party. He serves on several boards, including the Regional Coalition of LANLCommunities, Alianza Agri-Cultura de Taos, and the Taos County Interfaith/Intercultural Alliance and previously served on the boards for Stray Hearts Animal Shelter and Taos Center for the Arts.

Voices of Los Alamos is a non-partisan, progressive advocacy group created as a way for Los Alamos residents to voice their concerns over the current political events (both at the state and at the federal levels). We strive to build community, educate, discuss, and enact action plans, with a focus on the following issues: social justice, women’s rights, human rights, education, environment, health care, gun safety, election reform.


Future Speakers

  • January 27, Stephanie Garcia Richard, New Mexico Land Commissioner

  • February 24, Lisa Bakosi,  Environmental Sustainability Board

  • March 23, John Blair, former Deputy Secretary of State

  • April 27, Sarah Pierpont, Executive Director of New Mexico Recycling Coalition