Sara Scott: I Support LAPS School Bond



I have been pleased to see so many letters of support for the school bond question and would like to add my own for several reasons. First, the Los Alamos public school system is a key contributor to our community’s quality of life. It is one of the reasons that both I and others have come to, and remained in our town. I feel very fortunate to live in a community that provided our children with a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment and would like to make sure that future generations of children and young adults have the same opportunities.  With our growing population of young families, the continuation of the current school bond is more important than ever.

However, as with other elements of our infrastructure in town, the school facilities are aging and need to be upgraded. Previous investments have successfully provided important improvements to the high school, middle school and three of our elementary schools – I recall walking into the newly refurbished high school with my daughter and her friend as they exclaimed “I am so excited, I can’t wait to start classes in our new school!” Research has shown that modern educational spaces enhance learning and the well-being of students and staff.  But it is time to get to work on the 50+ year old Chamisa and Pinon schools; based on past performance I am confident that these upgrades will be performed efficiently and effectively.

Finally, I feel that supporting the school bond is just the right thing to do.  Our community, and more broadly our society, needs the best from every young person; smart, healthy, motivated and well-educated citizens are required for a responsible and secure future for our country and our planet.  We all know students from our community who have gone on to very successful careers benefiting society and are thankful for the education they received in our schools. Voting yes to the bond is way we can help support all of this.  Please join me in voting yes to continue our great education tradition in Los Alamos and White Rock.