Julia Baker Is The Way To Go!



As I contemplate which candidate would be best suited to serve on the school board for District 3, I can’t help but feel jealous of my friends in District 4 who have, by far, the best candidate for school board. Julia Baker, I wish I could vote for you!

I have had the privilege of knowing Julia Baker for over ten years. In those years, I have seen her in myriad roles: as my child’s preschool teacher, as a dedicated mother to her five children, as a volunteer serving on PTO and PTA at different schools, and as a mentor to youth in the community. Even with all this, she still finds time “to be a person.” One of the things I love about what Julia communicated to the public a few weeks ago at the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum was that each of our students have their own path of success, and we need to help them, listen to them, and allow them to be their own person along that path. 

Julia’s honesty, confidence, and wonderful insight into our schools’ needs and her willingness to listen closely to the teachers, students, and parents sets her apart from the other candidates. She is very knowledgeable about state legislation, and the curriculum being used in our district. Her knowledge of budgets and policies also sets her apart. 

During the forum, Julia spoke about the difference between equality and equity, and her message really resonated with me. She explained that equality means that every student gets a book, but what if one of those students is blind? Equity means that every student gets what they need. Julia firmly believes that we need to support students along their own path, and provide individualized tools and resources so each student can succeed. 

Julia is dedicated. As a member of PTO, she doesn’t just show up to meetings, but she signs up to lead projects, and then follows through. During this campaign, she has knocked on over 800 doors. (I wish I had her energy!) She is out there every weekend getting to know the people of this community and listening to what is important to them. Knowing the type of person she is, I know that she won’t just sit on the school board. She will show up and be actively involved in what happens throughout the district. I know she will be an effective representative for her district.

Even though Julia Baker isn’t a candidate in my voting district, I wanted to write to express my support for her because I wanted to spread the word to others of the high caliber of this candidate. She will be a huge asset to our school board. I wish I could vote for her–so District 4, get out there and vote for Julia Baker for me!

Amelia Epperson