Criminal Summons Issued In Recent Aggravated Battery Of 23-Year Old Los Alamos Man

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Los Alamos Police Department has issued a criminal summons in Magistrate Court for Joshua Joel Robertson, 21, of Los Alamos charging him with aggravated battery (deadly weapon) in connection with a Sept. 30 incident which left a 23-year old Los Alamos man with a concussion and seven stitches in his face.

According to court records, LAPD Cpl. Adam Jung was dispatched to the Reel Deal Theater in response to a fight. He spoke to the victim who said he had dropped off some books at Mesa Public Library and was walking home when he hear what he thought was a rock skipping on the ground near him. He told Jung that he turned and saw three individuals and confronted them by stating, “Which one of you little (expletive) threw the rock at me”.

The victim admitted he met the three individuals in halfway in the roadway but told Jung he did not throw any punches because “he thought they’d be intimidated and back off”. One of the individuals hit the victim on the side of the head causing him to bleed. According to the victim, he tried to keep the three individuals away from him and then a car pulled up and they backed off and ran away. One of the three picked up the victim’s glasses and handed them to him at which point he walked to the Reel Deal Theater and waited for police.

On arrival, Jung notices a cut below the victim’s eye that he believed was caused by the victim’s glasses being forced down. Jung said the victim’s mother notified him that the victim had seven stitches for the laceration, had a black eye, and was treated for a head injury/concussion.

LAPD Det. Ryan Wolking took over the case Oct. 3. His statement of probable cause states that a tip provided to LAPD Dispatch indicated that the person who committed the battery was Joshua Robertson. The same day, Wolking said a Los Alamos High School student said someone told him the person who committed the battery was “Josh”.

On Oct. 16, Wolking asked Robertson to come to the police department to discuss the battery. The next day, Robertson went to speak with Wolking and that statement of probable cause states that Robertson confessed to hitting the victim with an “elbow strike” and said he was with two juvenile males at the time. He told Wolking that one of the juveniles had thrown a rock and that the victim had started yelling. Wolking’s report states that Robertson told them he met the victim in the road and said he told one of the juveniles to hand the victim his glasses. Robertson told Wolking he thought the victim was “drunk or something because of the way he was acting and talking to them”. Robertson told Wolking he was not struck by the victim.

Wolking later spoke to one of the juveniles who confirmed that Robertson struck the victim. The juvenile said he felt bad about it and gave the victim his glasses back. In other parts of the statement the juvenile stated, “(Expletive) that guy” while referring to the victim, the report said.

Court records indicate that Robertson is slated to appear in Magistrate Court at 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 14.