Bernstein Has Never Faltered In Her Commitment To Her Students



It is my pleasure to write in support of Chris Bernstein for a position on the Los Alamos Public School Board. I attended Los Alamos school system from kindergarten to 12th grade, and ultimately graduated in May of 2013. During my time at Los Alamos High School I had the pleasure of getting to know Mrs. Bernstein, or Mrs. B as we called her. I cannot over-stress the point that she was the most influential teacher in my high school years. She exhibits extraordinary passion while teaching, but more importantly, she cares for her students as people. She not only pays attention to student’s academic achievement, but also their development into productive, kind adults. Over the years that I have known Mrs. B, she has never faltered in her commitment to her students. She constantly arrives early and stays late, works on weekends, and volunteers to sponsor clubs for many students. She sponsored the student council for many years, which is one of the more time-consuming clubs to take on that roll for, as she had to supervise the dances, pep-rallies, and out of town events that we participated in. 

Chris was so loved by the students at LAHS due to the fact that she spoke to us in a respectful tone. One that conveyed that she truly cared about and wanted to hear our opinion. This is powerful for teenagers to hear, who for their whole life have been told that they are the future, and then dismissed as ‘too young to understand’. She encouraged and empowered me and everyone else that knew her. Young people need to have a voice in their education, and I believe that Chris Bernstein can be that.

Travis Richins
LAHS Class of 2013