Smith’s Pharmacies In Los Alamos And White Rock On New State Map For Naloxone Availability



The New Mexico Human Services Department (HSD) has announced a new map that is being made available to the public showing which pharmacies across New Mexico carry naloxone – the medication used to reverse the effects of opioid-related overdoses.

In Los Alamos County, the map indicates two locations where naloxone may be obtained – the Smith’s Pharmacies in both Los Alamos and White Rock.

The map is currently available through New Mexico’s anti-opioid addiction website, “A Dose of Reality,” at It is integrated with Google Maps so individuals can get directions from their location to selected pharmacies and will be the most extensive and up-to-date map in the state for information about where to get naloxone at individual pharmacies.

The website also provides English and Spanish videos on how to recognize an overdose and administer Naloxone.

“My administration is laser-focused on fighting the opioid epidemic in New Mexico, and I applaud HSD and other agencies for working together to create this map,” said Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. “Offering information that is easy and accessible to the public is an important component in this effort, and I encourage all New Mexicans to take
advantage of this new resources.”

The Behavioral Health Services Division (BHSD) within HSD sees the map helping fit the needs of two trends – the first being that most New Mexicans don’t know where and how to get naloxone. A recent survey by the New Mexico Department of Health showed 53 percent of New Mexicans don’t know where or how to get naloxone, and only 15
percent of citizens know an individual can request naloxone from a local pharmacy without a prescription.

The second trend shows a sustained demand for naloxone kits statewide. Between (November 2017 to June 2019) the New Mexico Office of Substance Abuse Prevention distributed 27,515 Naloxone at a cost of $2.63 million. Requests for naloxone kits increased from a monthly average of 860 to 1,452 in July and approximately 1,700 kits have been distributed during the month of September.

“BHSD has been working hard to offer more resources to New Mexicans in the fight against opioid abuse, and we’re pleased to offer this statewide map to help everyone find out where to access naloxone – a life-saving drug,” said David R. Scrase, M.D., cabinet secretary for New Mexico Human Services Department.

In addition to pharmacies, naloxone is available through many county public health offices and private doctors’ offices, as well as harm reduction programs and substance abuse treatment offices. The “A Dose of Reality” website provides a list of places to access naloxone prescriptions as well as free naloxone distribution kits (see below and link ).

The map is one of the ways HSD is continuing to fight New Mexico’s opioid addiction epidemic.

Earlier this year, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed into law a bill passed by the New Mexico legislature that would require opioid prescriptions for pain relief of five days or more to come with a second prescription of naloxone that can reverse possible overdose. It also requires safety briefings for first-time opioid prescriptions.

As part of its ongoing efforts, BHSD will be launching a new naloxone campaign in the coming months to fight the stigma of naloxone for ordinary citizens who are more likely to witness an opioid overdose of a family member or friend. In the meantime, information is available on the “A Dose of Reality” website:
Finding Naloxone in New Mexico:

A Dose of Reality” is a public education campaign sponsored by the New Mexico Human Services Department, Behavior Health Services Division (BHSD), Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP).