Sen. Tom Udall Visits New Mexico Consortium/Pebble Labs

UdallTour1.jpegSen. Tom Udall and Stephanie Willette chat Wednesday during a tour of New Mexico Consortium/Pebble Labs facilities. Photo by Carrie Talus/NMC

UdallTour2Sen. Tom Udall, right, chats with Andrew Thran, Pebble Labs Director of Biolab Facilities Wednesday. Photo by Carrie Talus/NMC

SenUdallTourGroupPhoto.jpegGathered at New Mexico Consortium/Pebble Labs Wednesday are, from left, Pebble Labs CEO Michael Harrison, Senator Tom Udall, Pebble Labs CSO Richard Sayre, and NMC CEO Steve Buelow. Photo by Carrie Talus/NMC


Senator Tom Udall spent the day Wednesday in Los Alamos visiting two successful New Mexico Consortium (NMC) Tech Transfer sites, and engaged in discussions of successful start-up research companies in Northern New Mexico. After a site visit to UbiQD, Senator Udall spent time meeting with scientists and leaders at the New Mexico Consortium/Pebble Labs.

Senator Udall’s visit focused on the importance of technology transfer in our state and to see first-hand success stories for tech transfer.

A round table at noon included a welcome and introductions by Pebble Labs Co-Founders CEO Michael Harrison and Kimberly Harrison. Dr. Richard Sayre, Pebble Labs CSO, and various Pebble Labs leaders provided an overview of Pebble and each of their programs. Steve Buelow, the NMC CEO, also was present at the round table meeting.

Lastly, Senator Udall attended a tour of the NMC/Pebble Labs Biological Laboratory and Greenhouse given by Andrew Thran, the Pebble Labs Director of Biolab Facilities. The tour also included one-on-one time with various scientists, such as Pebble Labs researchers Laura Dickson, Stephanie Willette and Arle Kruckeberg. The scientists were able to talk to the Senator about their specific research projects and personal stories.

Science is increasingly collaborative; tackling problems at a large scale requires cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary teams. One of the main goals of the NMC is to encourage local economic development in northern New Mexico by developing partnerships with and supporting emerging start-up companies. The NMC provides support through administrative services, facilities, equipment, conference services, professional support and management expertise. Several Pebble Labs leaders stated that Pebble Labs would not be the successful company they are today without the support of the NMC.


Featured top photo includes from left to right: Pebble Labs CEO Michael Harrison, Senator Tom Udall, Pebble Labs CSO Richard Sayre, and NMC CEO Steve Buelow. Second photo includes Senator Udall and Stephanie Willette. Third photo includes Andrew Thran and Senator Udall. Photo credit: Carrie Talus, NMC.