County Launches MyDrive: New Streaming Service With Real-Time Webcam Traffic Views



Beginning today, motorists can view six different camera views featuring major roadways in Los Alamos and White Rock, after the completion of a project requested by the County Council earlier this year. MyDrive was developed and implemented in July by the Traffic & Streets Division within Public Works. Crews mounted web cameras in six locations – five in Los Alamos and one in White Rock – that stream real-time views of major intersections and busy roadways.

MyDrive is available with just one click using the Quick Link titled “Road Conditions” on the County’s webpage:

Motorists can check for traffic flows during busy commute times, check for traffic back-ups after accidents, watch for delays due to summertime road construction and see real-time weather conditions during snowy winter months. 

Acting Public Works Director Jon Bulthuis will preview MyDrive with the Transportation Board this evening and invites residents and commuters to try the new streaming service.

“We hope that this new feature on our website will assist motorists in navigating road construction such as the State’s NM502 roundabout project, or viewing possible delays for their travel because of other paving projects that commonly occur in the summertime,” Bulthuis said. 

The streaming service offers live views of the following: 

West and East Views of Central Avenue

Diamond Drive at Trinity Drive – North View

Airport – West and East Views of NM502

White Rock at SR4 and Rover 

“We encourage everyone to try MyDrive and see how it works,” Bulthuis said, adding that the video is streaming only and does not record video.