Fire Marshal Issues Safety Tips And State Guidelines For Fourth Of July Fireworks


Los Alamos Fire Department Division Chief/Fire Marshal

As July 4th approaches, thoughts turn to outdoor events and of course fireworks. Make sure your Independence Day activities do not turn tragic by following some simple rules and guidelines. The County is under Moderate Fire Danger, and with certain precautions will allow the Fireworks Display show at Overlook Park. The best way to enjoy the holiday is to attend this professional display at Overlook Park on July 4th

The County of Los Alamos, has not adopted by ordinance the regulation of certain permissible fireworks. However, the New Mexico State Statue, which is the Fireworks Licensing and Safety Act 60-2C7 (2007) is in effect which describes permissible and non-permissible fireworks. 

Remember “legal” does not mean that fireworks are safe; remember these are explosives and should be used responsibly!  Before shooting fireworks, have plenty of space. Avoid areas of dry vegetation or other combustible materials and have a water hose or bucket available in case of a small fire. Keep small children and pets out of the immediate area and watch out for traffic. When you are done, dispose of waste material in a safe manner and not in the regular trash. 

The most frequent fireworks complaints are people who don’t clean up afterwards and people discharging onto property other than their own. Be courteous of neighbors that may not share the same enthusiasm about celebrating the holiday also, please be mindful that other County Ordinances such as the noise or nuisance complaints can be filed. 

For questions about fireworks, contact the Los Alamos County Fire Department’s Fire Marshal’s Office, Los Alamos County Fire Department at (505) 662-8301. To report the inappropriate use, or illegal fireworks, contact the Los Alamos County Police Department at (505) 662-8222. 

See safety tips below and follow the State guidelines for what is allowed. 


Fireworks Allowed:  Consumer Fireworks with a classification of 1.4G. 
Fireworks Allowed:
  • sparklers and flitter sparklers
  • cone and cylindrical fountains
  • crackling devices, chases, and firecrackers
  • ground and aerial spinners, and ground audible devices
  • illuminating torches and wheels
  • aerial devices, aerial shell kit reloadable tubes and aerial spinners
  • helicopters and mines
  • missile type rockets
  • roman candles
Fireworks NOT Allowed:
  • Rockets on a stick (example: bottle rockets)
  • Fireworks that produce an audible effect, other than a whistle with a charge of more than one hundred thirty milligrams of explosive
Where are the restrictions on where you can shoot fireworks?
  • Cannot use fireworks on or near state forest land, wildlands.
  • Cannot shoot fireworks from a motor vehicle, or throw into a vehicle or near a person or groups of people
  • Cannot be propelled onto property not owned by the fireworks shooter
  • Cannot be discharged within 150 feet of a fireworks retail sales location

Below is the link to which shows the New Mexico State Fire Marshal Fireworks Ordinance information.