LAHS Seniors Recognized At Tuesday Ceremony

Sims Scholarship winners.jpgAaron Lauritzen, Leah Wolfsberg and Jonathan Doorn (not pictured) received the Jim Sims Memorial Engineering Scholarships from Becky Sims. Photo Courtesy LAPS

Domenici scholarship (2).jpgJavier McTeigue-Vasquez, left receives the Senator Pete Domenici Endowed Scholarship from the Los Alamos Employees Scholarship Foundation. Photo Courtesy LAPS


Sixty-seven Los Alamos High School seniors were the recipients of over 55 awards and scholarships presented during the annual Senior Recognition Ceremony held Tuesday night at Duane Smith Auditorium.

Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus and Principal Carter Payne noted the generosity of the organizations presenting scholarships and the generosity of the students who give of their time and talents to the community. While some of the scholarships are based upon academic and athletic achievements, many are also given in recognition of community service.

Emcee Morrie Pongratz thanked the presenters and told the audience that “serving on a scholarship committee is a bittersweet task. Yes, you get to select a deserving student to receive a scholarship, bur, for every student that you are able to recognize, you have to say ‘No’ to at least ten very worthy applicants.”

Congratulations to this year’s recipients.

Iron Athlete: Jacob Dunwoody

Black Lion Award: Cade Yost

Aaron S. Goldman Memorial Scholarships: Paulina Burnside, Duncan Fuehne and Marin Kelly

Wally Walters Memorial Scholarship: Marin Kelly

Larry Baca Memorial Scholarship: Marin Kelly and Elijah Velasquez

Athletes of the Year, Los Alamos Sports Association: Alix Hailey and Arthur Steinkamp

Explorer Post 20 Scholarships: Summer Bronson, Taran Cooley, Jesse Prime and Catherine Rousculp

Barranca Mesa Elementary School PTO Scholarship: Alix Hailey

Mountain School PTA Scholarships: Paulina Burnside and Catherine Rousculp

Piñon School PTO Scholarships: Morgan Jones and Allison Lakis

Aspen School Alumni Scholarships: Thomas Chadwick, Levi Guarello, Rebecca Miko and Sabio Thompson

Los Alamos Garden Club Scholarship: Levi Guarello

Los Alamos Golf Association Scholarships: Alicia Gonzales and Jonathan Doorn

Daedalians Award: Nicholas Berndt

VFW Auxiliary Patriot Scholarship: Noah White

Veterans of Foreign Wars John D. Gamble Post 8874 Scholarship: Javier McTeigue-Vasquez

Eastern Star Scholarship: Sabio Thompson

Karen McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship: Joanna Romero

Shirley Fries Alumni Scholarships: Haley Capon and Israel Gellis

Masonic Scholarship: Jonathan Doorn

Jennifer Marie Fleming Memorial Scholarship: Coralee Adair

Margot Pellette Memorial Scholarship: Joseph Sarrao

Pat Edmonds & Sue Graves Memorial Scholarship (Summit Garden Club): Sabio Thompson

Los Alamos National Bank Scholarships: Phoenix Dendera and Anna Lemke

Music-Filled Life Scholarships (Los Alamos Community Winds): Liam Devlin and Presley Gao

Los Alamos Light Opera Scholarships: Nora Cullinan and Jessica Erkkila

Jim Sims Memorial Engineering Scholarships: Jonathan Doorn, Aaron Lauritzen and Leah Wolfsberg

Hospital Auxiliary of LAMC Scholarships: Haley Capon, Gabriella Duran, Anna Lemke and Shawn Stokes

Los Alamos Schools Credit Union Scholarships: Bryce Gentile, Alix Hailey and Dylan Irish

Zia Credit Union Academic Scholarships: Jonathan Doorn, Antonio Gonzales and Dima Tretiak

Zia Credit Union Leadership Scholarships: Haley Capon, Alicia Gonzales and Torrie Padilla

Zia Credit Union Special Achievements Scholarship: Lindsey Martinez

Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos Scholarships: Shelly Doyle, Levi Guarello, Kaitlin Hopkins, Morgan Jones, Anna Lemke, Shannon Pestovich and Elyse Phillips

Jeannette O. Wallace Memorial Scholarship: Catherine Rousculp

Lou & Lee Pierotti Memorial Scholarship: Jillian Bennett

Stephen Stoddard Memorial Scholarships: Paulina Burnside and Mackenzie Rogers

Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Scholarship: Steven Zhao

Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Scholarship in memory of Juliamarie Langham Grilly: Sonyia Williams

Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Scholarship in memory of Nancy Laubach Freed: Joseph Sarrao

Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Scholarship in memory of Nicholas C. Metropolis: Christopher Koh

Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Scholarship in memory of Rosalie Heller: Jonathan Doorn

Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Scholarship funded by the New Mexico Consortium: Amanda Li

George & Joan Bjarke Scholarships: Israel Gellis and Morgan Jones

Irene Boone Memorial Scholarships: Tianna McNiel-White and Meghan Romero

Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation, Educator of Distinction Scholarships: Paulina Burnside, Duncan Fuehne, Israel Gellis, Morgan Jones, Javier McTeigue-Vasquez, Elyse Phillips, Catherine Rousculp, Andrea Simons, Elodie Thelliez and Genevieve Triplett

Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation Rynd Scholarship: Leah Wolfsberg

Thomas Intrator Scholarships: Javier McTeigue-Vasquez and Joseph Sarrao

Friends of Los Alamos County Libraries Scholarships: Nora Cullinan, Phoenix Dendera, Duncan Fuehne and Elodie Thelliez

June Ettinger Memorial Scholarship: Anna Lemke

Deborah Beene Memorial Music Awards:Presley Gao, Liam Devlin, Nora Cullinan and Jessica Erkkila

Rotary Great Expectation Award: Kyla Roberts

Rotary Service Awards: Paulina Burnside and Haley Capon

Rotary Vocational Award: Levi Guarello

Knights of Columbus, Sacred Heart Council 3137 Scholarships: Haley Capon, Phoenix Dendera, Levi Guarello, Anna Lemke, Lindsey Martinez, Tianna McNiel-White, Torrie Padilla and Elijah Velasquez

LANL Foundation Bronze Scholarships: Samuel Crooks, Jonathan Doorn, Antonio Dowdy, Presley Gao, Alix Hailey, Christopher Koh, Valerie Li, Meredith McBranch, Samuel Menefee, Connor Rittner, Dima Tretiak, Leah Wolfsberg, Sonyia Williams and Steven Zhao

LANL Foundation Silver Scholarship: Elijah Pelofske

Brett Knapp Memorial Scholarship: Jared Carnes

Climate Change Leadership Institute Endowed Scholarship: Risa Bridge

Don & Connie Cobb Endowed Education Scholarship:  Haylee Hayden

Senator Pete Domenici Endowed Scholarship: Javier McTeigue-Vasquez

Coca-Cola Scholarships: Christopher Fabry-Pittman and Joanna Romero