Two Mountain Elementary School Teachers Receive 2019 Excellence In Student Achievement Awards

JohnsonKinmanpic.jpgMountain Elementary School teachers Scott Johnson and Melissa Kinman are recipients of 2019 Excellence in Student Achievement awards. Photo Courtesy LAPS


The New Mexico School Boards Association (NMSBA) announced the recipients of the 2019 Excellence in Student Achievement Awards this week, including two from Los Alamos. Melissa Kinman, a kindergarten teacher at Mountain Elementary, and Scott Johnson, a first grade teacher also at Mountain Elementary, will be recognized at the  School Board meeting on May 14 for their achievements.

“We are extremely proud of this year’s recipients of the Excellence in Student Achievement Awards,” said Kurt Steinhaus, Superintendent of Los Alamos Public Schools. “Melissa and Scott are true leaders in teaching and go that extra mile to ensure that our students are thriving.”

The awards, sponsored by NMSBA, are presented to individuals selected by local boards of education throughout New Mexico who have played an important role in improving student achievement in their local school district. Sixty-four school boards participated in this year’s program and 115 award recipients were selected.

Ms. Kinman was nominated by a parent who described her as “a devoted teacher to my deaf/hard of hearing kindergarten child. Ms. Kinman has been a tireless advocate for this student, making her beginning year in public school a successful and wonderful one. We could not ask for a teacher more willing to go the extra mile and help Elizabeth overcome her limitations.”

Mr. Johnson was nominated because he is a positive role model for his students and his fellow colleagues.  He not only focuses on academics in his classroom, he also focuses on the students feeling good about themselves. In the environment that he has created, his students are able to take risks and be brave learners. In addition, it was noted that Johnson has a keen eye for the uniqueness of each child and is masterful in helping every child in his class flourish.

The New Mexico School Boards Association is the member organization for all of New Mexico’s school boards to support their efforts in providing a quality education for all students of New Mexico. The NMSBA serves its members through:


  • Commitment to local autonomy;
  • Advocacy at the state and federal level for commonly held needs;
  • Leadership development services and training for local school boards;
  • Encourage collaboration with community, elected officials and other educational organizations in areas of common interest.