LAPS Offers Tips On School Bus Safety And Distraction Free Driving

bus_7.jpgImage Courtesy LAPS


Do you get distracted by your phone or the radio when driving in your vehicle? Do you sometimes drive around a stopped school bus? The Los Alamos Public Schools would like to caution drivers to stay distraction-free and to remember the laws regarding school bus stops.

Running the stop arm and flashing red lights of a school bus is against the law and endangers the safety of students getting on and off the bus. LAPS bus drivers are reporting the cars that drive through the stop arm and flashing red lights of the school buses. Last semester, 65+ cars ran a bus stop arm; this semester, 49+ cars have driven through a bus stop arm and the number, unfortunately, is rising.

Do your part and follow the school bus rules:


  • Red flashing lights and the extended STOP arm means traffic (in both directions of a 2-lane road) is required to stop until the lights stop flashing and the extended STOP arm is withdrawn.
  • Yellow flashing lights indicate the bus is preparing to stop.
  • Always watch for children getting on or off the bus.


In Los Alamos County, the penalty for running a school bus stop arm is a $265 fine and 6 points off your driver’s license.

In addition to following the school bus safety rules, it is also important to stay alert and distraction-free as you drive, especially around school bus stops. Distracted driving means anything that takes your focus away from driving your vehicle, like taking your eyes off the road, eating or drinking, talking to your passengers, or changing the radio station. Please remember to keep your attention on the road and driving your vehicle safely.

If you have any questions about school bus safety, please contact the LAPS Transportation Department at 663-2255.