Councilors To Host Town Hall Meeting April 10 On Infrastructure, Open Space Goals

los alamos county


Community members are invited to attend a Town Hall meeting with Los Alamos County Councilors Pete Sheehey, Katrina Schmidt and James Robinson on Wednesday, April 10 at 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at the Municipal Building, 1000 Central Avenue.

The meeting will focus on two of seven goals adopted in the 2019 Strategic Leadership Plan:

Protecting, maintaining and improving our open spaces, recreational, and cultural amenities. 

Los Alamos County open spaces and cultural attractions are greatly valued by the community and provide opportunities for recreational and economic growth; appropriately allocating resources to ensure their health and sustainability is important to our citizens.

Investing in infrastructure. 

Appropriately balancing maintenance of existing infrastructure with new investments in county utilities, roads, facilities and amenities will help improve environmental stewardship, sustainability, and quality of life.

During the first 10 minutes, Councilor Sheehey will provide background and context for the discussion, and then the next 50 minutes will be open to community feedback about ideas that might assist the County in achieving this goal.