SB 11 Passes Unanimously In House, Senate Concurred Monday Afternoon



UPDATE: The Senate concurred on SB 11 late Monday afternoon.

House District 43 Rep. Christine Chandler told the Los Alamos Reporter Monday that the unanimous passage of SB 11 Sunday underscores the widespread recognition for the need to stabilize gross receipts tax (GRT) revenues for state and local government.

The bill, provides for taxing the receipts of a prime contractor that are derived from national laboratories in New Mexico. A floor amendment to the bill also means that if it passes research facilities owned by the state would also be liable for GRT. The bill is now awaiting senate concurrence.

Chandler was a staunch advocate during the last legislative session for the passage of SB 17 which contained the same provisions as SB 11. That bill received bipartisan support but was ultimately vetoed by then Gov. Susanna Martinez.

SB 11 is sponsored by Sen. Carlos Cisneros, Sen. Richard C. Martinez, Rep. Andrea Romero and Chandler. Chandler presented the bill in the House on behalf of the two senators.