Chandler Co-Sponsors Transparency, Healthcare And Education Bills

chandler outside

Rep. Christine Chandler. Courtesy photo


Rep. Christine Chandler has co-sponsored several important bills this legislative session. Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto (SD 15) and Rep. Christine Chandler’s bill, SB-11, closing the so-called lobbying “loophole” has successfully passed out of committee and on to the Senate.

The bill is similar to Sen. Ivey-Soto’s bill from the 2018 session that was vetoed by the former governor. According to the Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, current law needs clarity with regard to small lobbying expenses. Currently, the law requires individual expenses over $100 to be reported but ignores small cumulative lobbying expenses that in total are more than $100. The bill clarifies that cumulative small donation lobbying of $100 or more should be reported.

“I am committed to ensuring New Mexicans have more information about the money that is spent influencing policy at the legislature,” Rep. Chandler said. “I am proud to to work with Sen.  Ivey-Soto to get this important legislation signed this year by the governor.”

Along with Rep. Elizabeth Thompson (HD 24), Chandler is supporting HB 66: Mammogram Info Disclosure, a bill that would ensure radiological mammography reports include discussion and ratings of patients’ breast density. Breast density is associated with high risk of breast cancer and potentially more difficult to diagnose early cancers that may warrant further or more frequent imaging.

Rep. Chandler said, “We know 1 in 8 women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. It’s important that New Mexicans have access to accurate and pertinent diagnostic healthcare information to make medical decisions for themselves with their families and doctors. Providing transparency in the healthcare decision process is essential to quality healthcare”.

Rep. Chandler is also co-sponsoring Rep. Jason Harper (HD 57)’s bill to ease the number of sick days used for teacher evaluations. Under the previous gubernatorial administration, the Public Education Department issued policy that would penalize teachers for taking their contractually negotiated sick leave. HB 227: Use of Teacher Attendance in Evaluations, allows teachers to take their rightful 10 sick days of leave before being penalized in their teacher evaluations.

“I heard from many teachers in the district that they felt the policy was overly punitive, forcing teachers to come to school and/or leave their own sick children, potentially getting other teachers and students sick or risk being penalized. This bipartisan bill supports teachers allowing them to take their rightful sick time without being penalized or potentially getting other school members ill”, said Chandler.

Representative Chandler can be reached during the session in her office Room 203B, by phone at 505- 986-4226 or via email Please join the email list at to keep up to date on the Representative.