Congratulations New Council Leadership

Letter to the editor robinson.jpg


Tuesday night, I had the honor of assuming my seat on the new Los Alamos County Council. Although humbling to now be the one the audience is watching, I was very excited to begin my term.

As a councilor, one of my very first votes was for the new Chair and Vice-Chair. It was a tough decision, but I would like to have the community join me in congratulation Councilor Sara Scott on her election to Chair, and Councilor Pete Sheehey to Vice-Chair.

Representing the new council, Councilor Scott and Sheehey combine a new voice with council experience. Both will serve the council and community well. Thank you both!

Finally, I would like to join Councilor Maggiore in welcoming all in our community the opportunity to join the County Council. Applications for the open seat are due to the County Manager’s Office by January 24nd, and the Council will choose their new member on January 29th.

James Robinson
Los Alamos County Councilor