Los Alamos Man Arrested For Possession Of Methamphetamine Following Visit To Pre-Trial Probation Officer



A 26-year old Los Alamos man was arrested Wednesday on charges of possession of methamphetamine and pretrial probation violation.

Austin Cox was being taken into custody by Los Alamos Police Cpl. Sheldon Simpson for allegedly having failed a urinalysis at the Los Alamos Probation Office required under his conditions of release on a previous possession charge from August.

According to a statement of probable cause filed by Simpson, while searching Cox he found a cigarette case in Cox’s jacket pocket with a small ziplock bag with a white crystalline substance inside. Simpson’s report indicates that he asked Cox what was in the bag and that Cox initially stated that he didn’t know but then said, “Do you think I would be dumb enough to bring meth in?”

Cox appeared before Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Pat Casados Monday and was released on his own recognizance under conditions of release pending trial.

In the other possession case, on Aug. 27 LAPD Cpl. David Boe and Sgt. Tim Lonz responded to the Chapel Apartments to a report that someone was possibly breaking into a washer. On arrival at the apartments, the officers were notified that Cox had left the laundry room and walked into the adjacent woods. A statement of probable cause filed in Los Alamos Magistrate Court by Lonz said he and Boe located multiple 1-inch by 1-inch baggies floating on top in a washer similar to those used for the sale or distribution of controlled substances. The reporting party told the officers that a male was trying to open the coin acceptor of the washer.

Lonz and Boe located Cox who Lonz described in his report as appearing disoriented and continually grinding his teeth. Lonz approached him, told him he was going to pat him down and told him to turn around and place his hands on his head. The report says Cox continued to point out his silver necklace which was under his sweater. It claims Cox had a hard time following directions and took off the necklace which had a silver vial attached to it.

Lonz’s report indicates that Cox handed him the necklace and he told Cox to place it on the ground. Cox allegedly admitted that the vial contained methamphetamine and when checked the vial contained a quantity shards which later tested positive for methamphetamine. After being taken to Los Alamos Medical Center for medical clearance, Cox was transported to the Los Alamos Detention Center where he was placed under arrest. He was later released on pre-trial conditions of release pending trial.