Closing Of The Izraelevitz Campaign

Letter To The Editor_Closing of Izraelevitz campaign

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Although the campaigning is over and we are getting ready for the holiday season and the New Year, I wanted to give a final thank you to all my friends who supported me through this, my last campaign for public office. I look forward to a productive next four years with my new partners on Council, Sara Scott, James Robinson, and Randy Ryti.

I also want to acknowledge the generosity of those who provided financial support to my campaign. More to the point, I wanted to do something with my residual campaign funds that would honor that generosity and support. One thing that I have learned over my Council tenure is that as fortunate as many of us are to live here, Los Alamos has many of the same social needs as other communities and that it is our personal and governmental responsibility to address these needs as we can. A recent County Council work session made these needs clear and pressing. For this reason, I will be donating my remaining campaign funds to two very special organizations. LA Cares is our local food bank, and they do a great job of helping almost 100 needy families here in Los Alamos County. Self Help is also a local organization that provides emergency financial assistance, consultation and advocacy to residents of Los Alamos and surrounding communities.

It has been a pleasure and very enlightening to chat with fellow citizens during these past six months, whether during forums, door-to-door campaigning, or just around town. I hope that you will feel free to continue the discussion with me over the next four years on how we can help our community. I hope to hear some more from young families and retirees, from those incredible scientists and engineers who serve to protect our nation and enhance our quality of life, from small business owners, and those among us who need a hand once in a while. We are all part of Los Alamos County, and it is an honor to serve you all.

David Izraelevitz
Chair, Los Alamos County Council