Endorsement For David Izraelevitz

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We urge the Los Alamos County voters to vote for our friend, David Izraelevitz, for County Council.

David and his wife, Terry, have lived in Los Alamos for 23 years.  David has served our county well during his 7 years on the County Council.

As council chair David has promoted transparency and communication with his media reports.  David is a LANL Retiree.  The members of the New Mexico Municipal League demonstrated their respect for and confidence in David by voting him in as the President-Elect of the League.

We especially appreciate David’s leadership in founding the Los Alamos Community Foundation.  The foundation has been a big help to many non-profits in Los Alamos.

David is a perfect gentleman. David acts responsibly as our leader; he really cares about our community.  He is a hard-worker showing great attention to detail.  David is sensitive to citizen concerns; he listens.  Also, David uses his organizational skills to get diverse folks to work together to see Los Alamos thrive!  He is a team-builder.

Please vote for David Izraelevitz for Council!

Cheryl and Morrie Pongratz
Los Alamos