County Residents Asked To Park Vehicles Off-Street During Snow Events

Transportation Board

As reported last month by Matthew Heavner, each year, the Los Alamos County Transportation Board reviews the County’s Snow and Ice Control Plan. The great county crews doing the plowing are requesting cooperation from residents.

At the November 2, Transportation Board meeting, Traffic and Streets Manager, Daniel Blea, presented possible options concerning the snow plow operators’ biggest obstacle: vehicles parked on streets during snow removal operations. Los Alamos does not have an ordinance about parked vehicles hindering the plowing of streets, and board consensus is to not go the ordinance route as other towns in the region have done.  Instead, the T-Board on behalf of the County is appealing to residents to assist the crews by getting their vehicles off-street to facilitate quicker, more thorough, and safer plowing during snow events .

See the comprehensive FY24 Snow and Ice Control Plan on the County website: 

Another agenda discussion is evolving out of the Transportation Boards Bicycle Working Group. Project Manager, Keith Wilson, presented a response to possible Los Alamos County Code changes suggested by the Working Group for improving convenience and safety for bicycles and other micro mobility. Already, drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists may have noticed a change at light-controlled intersections. If the button for pedestrian crossing has been pushed, the “walk” sign comes on a few seconds before the light turns green. This safety measure gives pedestrians a head start and the intersection clears faster. Yes, bicycles have the option of using the pedestrian crossing button.

The public is always encouraged to attend Transportation Board meetings in person or Zoom, the first Thursday each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Muni Building.