An Invitation For Veterans Day Prayers For Peace


Veterans Day honors American men and women who served in all wars – who fought for peace. This year,  let us honor, as well, soldiers who today are in peril here and abroad. How best can we do that? By individually praying and living for peace.  Do we hate our neighbors because they don’t look  like us? Because they don’t think like we do?  Because, perhaps, they hate us? Can we love those who curse us? If we don’t do that in our daily lives, how can we expect nations to do any better? What I know: God, divine Truth, Life, and Love, hasn’t turned Her back on us. Divine Spirit is here in the midst of us. Blessing, not cursing, us. Why do we think that the spreading stain of hatred and fear is stronger than divine Love, the Principle of the spiritual universe? Because so often our eyes deceive.  

There is more to life – here and now – than what we see with our eyes. The spirit of hope, love,  faith, and peace is within each of us. But how do we feel that peace – let alone share it? That’s  where prayer comes in, connecting us to the living peace that is ours now. This minute. The  living peace that belongs not just to us but to the world – no one left out. 

Let us love our veterans, soldiers, and each other enough to humbly pray to witness divine  Love’s peace that blesses all mankind. We hope you’ll join us this Saturday. 

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