Should We Decrease Golf Course Season Pass Fees Because Of Construction?

Parks & Recreation Board

This Thursday, November 9, 2023, the Parks and Recreation Board will consider reducing season pass fees on the golf course because it will be limited to 9 holes of play while under construction. Because the board was only informed of this agenda item on Monday, our ability to research and prepare for this consideration is hindered. Your opinions and perspectives are encouraged by email at and/or in person for public comment at the beginning of Thursday’s meeting 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers (1000 Central Ave) or on Zoom.

What is the Golf Course Improvement Project? As described on, this includes rerouting holes six to nine, reversing the seventh and eighth, adding 13 bunkers and remodeling all existing bunkers, adding two new greens and renovations to all others, adding new tees, new cart paths, and a new driving range and practice area. “The goal is a ‘new’ course, reimagined, yet within the same basic routing and footprint,” said Schoeder and Richardson.

Are there advantages to decreasing user fees for the golf course? As described in the proposal, the advantages of decreasing user fees are increase sales of season passes, attract new players with an increased likelihood of repeating golf course visits, entice casual golfers to purchase season passes and increase the likelihood of buying season passes in 2025.

Are there advantages to increasing user fees for the golf course? As described on, user fees improve fairness, flexibility for the agency managing operations, freedom of choice for consumers over whether or not government services are required or worth the price, and fiscal incentives for management, and eliminate the free-rider problem.

How have other county recreational facilities handled season pass fees during construction? Are there other options to mitigate revenue lost during construction? Is there any other information we can use to inform our decision? Please send your comments to or in person at Thursday’s meeting.