No Excuses – Vote On Tuesday

Los Alamos

For years, Los Alamos County has had a statewide reputation for high voter turnout.  Election after election, we’ve set records for how many people celebrate the right to vote.  Of course, record high turnout can’t last forever.  But, for context, in the last “off year” election (2021), when only 19.55% of eligible New Mexicans voted, 34.26% of voters in Los Alamos cast a ballot.  

Going into Election Day 2023, an embarrassing 10% of voters in Los Alamos have voted.  

I admit to being part of the 90%.  I am absolutely going to vote on Tuesday between 7am and 7pm.  I am optimistic that many people reading this will do so as well, but just a friendly reminder that in a democracy, we have a moral obligation to participate in our own governance, no matter how small the issue may seem.  

Or, if you need a more compelling reason, voting takes like 10 minutes and they give you candy at the end.  

For everyone waiting to get their two hours off on Election Day, I get it.  Just please don’t let an important meeting or a hectic deadline or the chaos of daily life get in the way of your last chance to vote.  

Polls are open 7am to 7pm at the Municipal Building, the White Rock Town Hall, the Betty Ehart Senior Center, the Los Alamos Golf Course, and UNM-LA Building 2.    

See you at the polls.