In Support Of The School Bond Initiative

White Rock

I am writing today to urge everyone who has not voted early or absentee to please go the polls
this coming Tuesday, Nov. 7 and vote “Yes” on the School Bond initiative.

The arguments in favor of the bond have been well stated on these pages previously, so I won’t recap in detail. But, I would argue that this is a critical vote for the future of Los Alamos and will be a strong indicator of the kind of town we want to be in the future. Education is all about the health and vitality of a community and whether there is support to ensure the next generation can get the education that will propel them to a successful future—and ensure the long-term
success of the town.

It’s up to all of us—whether we have kids in school today or not—to do the right thing. I’m
writing for the first time in decades as someone who no longer has kids in the Los Alamos Public Schools. I do note, though, that I benefited from the Los Alamos schools that I attended in the 1970s and 80s, and both of my kids benefited from the same great schools in the 2010s and early 2020s. Great as their education was, it was clear as I walked my kids to Pinon every day that the physical infrastructure was nearing its end.

Join me in making sure that the new families moving to Los Alamos and all the new kids we see
around town will have the same great experiences that previous generations have had. And, for
all those new kids in White Rock, let’s make sure that the physical infrastructure at Pinon and
Chamisa will reflect the value we put on education.

Thanks for your consideration.