Letter Of Support For Lauren Coupland


Please support Lauren Coupland for Los Alamos School Board. I know no better candidate than Lauren. As a member of Los Alamos community, she has been engaged with our public schools through her advocacy in meetings, volunteering, and professionally.

I met Lauren when she was new to town more than a decade ago. Lauren still leads an educational program that my children attended and I was fortunate to observe Lauren is thorough, always willing to adapt to people’s needs, outspoken where appropriate, and constantly learns from new situations. Lauren is quick to respond and is comprehensive with her answers. She has brought these traits to every aspect of her engagement to help our community and our children.

For those of you who have yet to vote or are considering the importance of the school board vote (and bond!), please head out to the poles on Nov 7th and use your vote for Engagement, Responsiveness, Consideration that is Lauren Coupland.