Bother To Vote – LAPS Funds At Risk

Los Alamos

I am writing to encourage all those who care about our schools, our kids and our community to
make the effort to get out to vote – in particular, bother to go vote YES to renew the Los Alamos Public Schools bond.

While I’ve been out campaigning for a seat on the UNM-LA Advisory Board (completely
unrelated to the LAPS bond) I have heard the same phrase from a number of people – “well, the
LAPS bond is a no-brainer”. As in, eh, other people will vote yes for that obvious thing; I don’t
need to be sure to go in.

The problem is – we consistently see no-brainers lose in this town. It happens from that very
perspective – this thing is obvious; everyone else will vote yes.

In the meantime, we have a lot of folks in town who prefer to lower their taxes, regardless of
community consequences – and they get out to vote.

The LAPS bond vote would renew the current bond, does not raise taxes, and lets work
continue on our White Rock elementary schools, among other things.

Please help make sure the LAPS bond is indeed a no-brainer. Please bother to make a plan
and go vote yes! Early voting underway now.