Don’t Gamble – Vote FOR School Bond!

Los Alamos

Don’t gamble and take for granted your friends, neighbors and others in Los Alamos will go vote to pass the school bond.  Please take the time now through Nov. 7 to vote FOR the bond so our community can continue to improve our school facilities.

I’m not much of a gambler but friends recently gave us a couple of powerball tickets.  We enjoyed sitting around at dinner and talking about how we would spend the money.  Unsurprisingly, our luck was abysmal and none of us won but it was fun to dream for a moment.  When I was in a store a couple of weeks ago and heard The Gambler, the vintage Kenny Rogers song, the words to the familiar chorus made me stop and think about that nostalgic life wisdom from the 70s, knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em, considering the risks you’re willing to take and being confident about your decisions in life.  

There’s a decision to make now about the school bond.  This general obligation bond is a little different than in years past.  Bond money is always used for school facilities and construction but the specific construction need right now is the White Rock schools.  Past bond money has gone for schools up on the Hill, like the high school, middle school, Aspen and Barranca so it’s great that White Rock is getting a turn.  It’s also a big change that two schools are undergoing construction at the same time.  Another major difference this go around is that the state has pledged an additional 35 million dollars to the school district for this construction project, IF Los Alamos passes the bond.  The school district needs that money to complete the construction of both Piñon and Chamisa.  So, your vote FOR the bond in this election is even more impactful because it unlocks matching money from the state, more than doubling our money.  When you vote for the bond you’re investing in our community.  It’s a sure win and there’s no luck required.

Here’s an ace you can keep:  Vote FOR the school bond now during early voting or on Nov. 7.  It’s not a gamble!