Sombrillo Skilled Nursing Facility And Aspen Ridge Assisted Living Facility Change Hands


The Los Alamos Retirement Community is pleased and proud to have served the Los Alamos community for the last few decades through the Sombrillo Skilled Nursing Facility and the Aspen Ridge Assisted Living Facility.

However, the business model that had been successful in the past is no longer sustainable. Labor shortages and the general liability situation in New Mexico have made it impossible to operate the facilities as a community non-profit with a small to mid-level management contractor.

For this reason, we have sold the facilities to a larger national entity that is better able to spread the risks across multiple states and many other facilities. This entity is OPCO. We believe that this sale is the best way to maintain the long term viability of the facilities.

Please join us in welcoming OPCO to our community, and thank you for your support over the preceding years.

Board of Directors
Los Alamos Retirement Community