Christine Bernstein For LAPS Board

White Rock

What’s blue and smells like red paint? The answer for some questions can easily eludes us.  The answer is; blue paint!  Now, who deserves your vote for LAPS Board?  That one is much easier to answer!

A vote for Christine Bernstein is a vote for focus and progress! When I first saw Chris in the classroom teaching her students, I was impressed at her level of energy and commitment to her students.  Her ability to connect with others was a delight to watch.

Chris’s first term on the LAPS Board mirrors this same commitment she has demonstrated over the years. Education is a mainstay in the foundation of our community and we all recognize the value of quality education. Chris exemplifies this with a balanced view of the issues and a dedication to her position that merits praise.  She’s a wonderful asset to our community and our schools.

Perhaps the most admirable trait I’ve seen in Chris is her honest and open approach to discussing any issue.  Education can be a touchy subject to some, often political.  She is able to get people to work together, listen to each other, and work towards sensible solutions. Christine is a model team player!

The LAPS Board performs a vital role in maintaining the high quality of education enjoyed by our students. We need our best on the School Board to guarantee the best for our schools.  In that mindset, I enthusiastically endorse Christine Bernstein and urge you to vote for her!