The Outlier


Editor’s note: Raymond Faus is the brother of School Board Incumbent Candidate for District 3 Christine Bernstein

The system is set up to protect comfort, image, and clout. Even slogans like “transparency” or “openness” are in furtherance of getting one of three candidates onto the School Board for District 3

I ask, where will you or anyone else be when that person is met with subtle suggestions to be quiet and not rock the boat? Where will you be when fanboy, cheap seat morality goes away after the campaign? This is the uphill climb of anyone seeking real change in a structure which upholds its image over the emotional wellbeing of people. Social solidarity wins the day because people risk status, friendships, alliances, livelihoods, and respect. Will you be there for Sean, Lauren, or Chris when the decision is them risking libel by speaking outside of closed session? Will you be there when lawyers and board members are pressuring one of them? Will you be there in the next campaign when they’re disparaged or defamed? Or will you co-sign false narratives to latch onto the next person, to be in proximity to their moral high ground? This is the island of being the outlier to a sea of social solidarity. Will you go the distance with them to meet the goals you’re asking for? They’ll need it. 

This is an unpaid volunteer position. Not for funzies. Real people, real consequences for students, primarily. Secondarily…for the outlier, pushing the outside of the envelope on an entrenched system.